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Sierra Court Blues-Lawrence Parlier

Posted by [email protected] on June 17, 2014 at 5:35 AM Comments comments (0)


Sierra Court Blues was an awesome read. It was very different from the books I normally read, yet I had a very hard time putting it down. It is about a group of 4 young guys trying to make their dreams come true by making something of themselves in the music business, and their trials and triumphs along the way. The main Character is Bo. You feel things for Bo throughout this book that makes you forget he is only 19. Married, with a child and a dream he just can't give up on. He works hard to provide for his family, loves his little boy and still is put down by his wife for it constantly. They were both to young to be in the position they were in, and not only do you read that, but Parlier makes you 'feel' it. So the inevitable happens-divorce. This does not fix Bo's problems. His friend and band mate Jon is wild and a bit out of control at times, hurting the band more than helping it, I felt. However, he is the one with most of the connections, so he has his place there. His home is always filled of obnoxious, druggie, drunks, but friends none the less. He is in an abusive relationship-- where the abuse goes both ways. Which I felt typical for the age group, as I myself was stuck in a relationship like this at that age. I think for Bo, the things he had to deal with within the band and outside of it, holds him back form his dreams. Don't get me wrong, Bo was right in there with the mix, but I felt he had the level head among the group, and dealt with the stress of his life to point of actually being hospitalized. I think Sierra Court Blues is a well developed story and the characters are well developed. The sub characters are also so developed they could have their own book. Bo had a hard life and in this book I watched him grow from a kid to a man. There were parts that had me laughing and then there were parts that had me crying. I felt extremely connected to the characters. Sometimes, an author comes along that can write characters in a way that you wonder about the characters later on. What they are doing now and where they are. Did any of them ever make it? Did any of them stay friends? I feel when an author can write such rich and deep characters it is a testimony to the author's writing talent. That is what happens in this book. It is like watching Stand By Me, but not getting the dialogue at the end that tells you where everyone is and what become of them later. This book does have a massive amount of cussing, pot smoking and drinking in it, as I would expect from any book with young men in a hard rock metal band. So, if this would bother you, this book is not for you. If you can look past that and really read the story it is a 5 star gritty, emotional novel that you can't put down. I felt their pain and I felt their triumphs. I laughed with them, and hell I even partied with them. And in the end, I cried with them. No spoilers, but the ending was metaphorically what Bo needed in his life to grow up. Well done, Parlier, and I can't wait for the next book you reward us with!

Spirit Released- Cyndi Faria

Posted by [email protected] on June 9, 2014 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (0)


Spirit Released was not your normal run of the mill Paranormal Romance.  I will admit I had a little trouble with the first chapter.  I felt confused, as if I had been thrown into the middle of a story and had no idea why the things that were happening, were happening. I do give credit that all of my questions were answered throughout the book, but I can see how this might make a lot of people put it down, without giving it the chance it deserves.

The story is of Jake and Faith. Faith (which I found to be a very appropriate name for the story) has a 200 year old curse on her. A terrible accident happens in the beginning while she is trying to save Jake's (her Fiance) life. Faith is in a coma throughout most of the book, but her spirit is there. The one odd thing I found about her spirit is not just that it could touch/move things, because many spirits can, but the spirt of Faith could have sex. I enjoyed the scene as it showed the love and commitment of the 2 characters. It brought them closer together and I think it gave them more courage to try to find out just what was going on and why Faith could not come out of her Coma.

Jake is a Dr at the hospital Faith is at receiving grant money from a corp. to help try experimental things and drugs to wake Faith up. The corp is 100% behind Jake as he has done such a wonderful job and created what some would call medical miracles. The kind that go into science journals. However, something starts holding his progress back and there are many people that the blame is pointed at.

I felt this had a good mystery to it as well as a beautiful love story. It makes you think that if you just believe that all things can be possible.True love is a powerful thing that sometimes not even the universe or a curse can come between.  I think the characters of Jake and Faith are well developed as the story continues, and I felt that Cyndi developed enough of the sub characters to carry a series forward with other people's stories.

All in all I gave this book  4 fairies because of the confusion at the beginning and the feeling that it 'could' keep new fans from continuing. In the end this would be a sad decision because the book was really good after that, and people would really be missing out on a great new author to add to their TBR list. If you pick this book up and feel that way, please press on and give it a chance, as after that small bit, it is a beautiful story, with nicely developed characters and of course the happy ending we all dream of. (not to mention, Jake seems pretty hot :-))

Brilliant Disguise-Mary Anne Edwards- 2 for 1

Posted by [email protected] on June 4, 2014 at 11:15 PM Comments comments (0)

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Brilliant Disguise is a murder mystery and romance, hence the title 2 for 1. This story is about Marian and a new Detective in town, McClung, trying to solve a murder that happened to one of Marian's good friends next door. The action starts in the first chapter, literally within the first few pages. I find that nice in a mystery. Who wants to wait forever for the good stuff to start happening? I thought this book had a very good story and could tell the author new enough about the content to make it sound intelligent. I felt the author provided excellent character development, not only with the 2 main characters, but with the sub characters as well. By the end of the book I truly felt like I knew these people. As the book continues and McClung and Marian are sure there is something fishy going on, they start working together. Marian is relentless in trying to find things out, and as the story moves on Detective Charlie"McClung", becomes just "Charlie" as a romance began to bloom. Marian struggles with her feelings for Charlie. As a widow she feels guilt, even after 11 years. My favorite philosophical part, the part that really made me think was when Marian was having a hard time moving on from her guilt and grief, and it says
"The sound of her blood pumping from her pounding heart drummed inside her ears. Other sounds filtered in. Marian could hear birds singing and bees humming as they continued to dance around the flowers. From a few doors over, she heard children splashing around in water. She even heard a distant train's mournful whistle. It was life. Life continued all around her, unsympathetic to her suffering." It just really makes you think, no matter what is going on in your life....murder, accidental death causing you to be a widow, or the fear of falling in love again, life continues to move on with or without you. I think that was one of the first moments she started to realize it was time to let go. The murder mystery aspect of the story goes on throughout the whole book, making you change your mind several times on who the "real" killer could be, but as the near ended and the final battle pursued, you learn the killer and Charlie and Marian just might learn how to love each other. This was a great story that I would recommend to anyone who likes these types of mystery books. The only reason I gave it a 4 is because I felt it was a bit wordy. Sometimes things I already had read and didn't feel the need to read them 2 or 3 more times, or sometimes things that really just didn't need to be there at all for the story to be good. I do, however, look forward to book 2 in this series!



V-Card, Alicia Michaels

Posted by [email protected] on May 10, 2014 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)


 5 smiley because my fairies still won't load and work :-(

I really enjoyed this book. I think if you are younger person it makes you think about your current life probably, but as a 36 year old, it made me a little nostalgic. It kind of takes you back to the those days of young love and firsts. I loved the characters in the book, I felt they were developed properly and there was someone for every clique in life...the artist, the brain, the prep.....etc. The main character, Jenny has several "awkward" tries at losing her vcard, so she is a little nervous about putting herself out there now, but is determined to lose it by her 21st b-day. No spoilers, but I was thrilled with who she ended up with and how it happened. This book was sweet, funny and had a someone you loved to hate. I definitely recommend this book ;-)This was my first Alicia Michaels' book, but I def plan to read more!


Posted by Raven on May 7, 2014 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)

I loved it. M/F/M books are some of my favorites of all time. I guess I have dark desire to want that type of relationship. lol At first when meeting Jock I immediately got drawn in my his personality. My ideal man isn't blonde or blue eyed. However, Jock melted my heart. Now, Frank is a totally different story. I love the sexiness of him. Of course he is dark haired & pure alpha. I love it. His personality was a tad off putting but as the story progressed I fell in love w/it. :) The cover is absolutely gorgeous. Carla was who I wanted to be from the get go. I loved her and how she let both of the alphas completely take over. Grant was an interesting character as well. However, he was always drunk; teehee. He just cracked me up w/his sayings. Here is one that truly had me laughing out loud. " I mean when ya stop and think about it, men like two things on their breath-fine whiskey and the purest of pussy." Obviously Grant has a one track mind! I can't wait to start book 2 and find out where these characters are headed w/in the near future.

The Cupcake Coven

Posted by Raven on May 7, 2014 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (0)

I absolutely loved this book. Not only does it have comedy but also a great story. I fell in love w/all the characters. So that makes me want them to each have a book of their own. This is a new series by the wonderful Ashlyn Chase. if u loved her other books like Strange Neighbors, Werewolf Upstairs, & Vampire Next Door. I guarantee u will love this one. It did make me wanna eat pastries throughout the entire book, which I do believe was the point. :) Rebecca is a favortire of mine but Dru was my all time favorite. I'm a sucker for cowboys. I also really enjoy Myranda & Raven. I guess because we share the same names. :) I may be biassed on that. Ethan really had me laughing though. I suppose he is next in line as a all time fave. Just go by the book & dive into the bewitching bakery. :)


Posted by [email protected] on May 5, 2014 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)

It is MFMM


Of course I loved this book as much as book 1 (imprints). What can I say is that if u love menage & don't mind the sexy shifters that go with it; then by all means buy these books. I really enjoyed the new type of shifters added. Not going to spoil what they are. Frank is still an all time favorite of mine. He really does take care of Carla & Jock does as well. Carla truly becomes a stronger alpha female in this book. There is a little twist w/in the pack so read to find out what. :)




Sweet as Candy

Posted by Raven on April 23, 2014 at 9:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Let me just start off by saying hot cover! Course I love that its pink & black w/a sexy cowboy too boot. :) The story just flowed all over the pages. I loved it a lot. Some of my favorite quotes are between Candy & Mason. Of course I love when she calls him Mace. That is just sexy.




"I wanted to let you know....that I intend to court you my sweet Candy."

"I took you long enough."

I thought that was so sweet. It was like they both were innocent.


An all time favorite was this next line.

"Sorry Father, for I have sinned...or I'm about to anyways." Reminded me of black heart saying that in the ghost rider movie. This line was epic!


Meeting Suede & S.L. Rain description had me smiling. "Suede was really mysteriously sexy-like the Marlboro man or something. " I for one was in love w/the marlboro man all my life. So this was a great image to have.


This had me laughing hysterically. " One woman had literally taken down ten men. It was actually laughable that ten tough Montana cowboys all pining for the one redhead with the megawatt smile and the cutest brown puppy dog eyes."

Make Mine a Cowboy

Posted by Raven on April 17, 2014 at 4:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Gosh, where do I even begin. I first found out about Sandy Sullivan when attending a facebook party. Then, I fell in love w/her book covers. I mean come one half naked cowboys. What's not to love? I attended a book convention earlier this year & purchased all her books. Yes all of them. Had the biggest fan girl moment ever. However, I'm getting a bit side tracked.


I finally got to sit down & read Make Mine a Cowboy. Let's just say I fell in love from the first sentence. My favorite encounter of Mesa meeting Joel is as follows: "she jumped and screamed as a face appeared near her door. Blue eyes w/long lashes stared back beneath a black cowboy hat. Black hair ruffled slightly w/the wind." I personally would've had a heart attack. Everyone woman who loves a cowboy would go weak in the knees if one actually showed up to help! Mesa was stranded on the side of the road in pouring rain. lol Mesa then decides she thinks Joel is crazy. This line is my all time favorite "Trust me. If I were a serial killer, I wouldn't be out in this shit trying to find women to abduct." I laughed so hard I began crying. :)


Another line that had be entranced was "God, you taste like Heaven and Hell wrapped up in a single package. What am I going to do w/you, darlin'?" My thought was she must taste like big red chewing gum. Hot as fire when u first start chewing & then slowly mellowing out until its sweet.



I giggled a whole lot w/this line. After Mesa & Joel go muddin & having fun w/the rest of the family & guests. I just knew what was coming. "What the hell is so funny? he asked indignation rushing through him while he watched Mesa double over in a fit of giggles. You...mud...on... your... He smiled when he looked down & saw mud caked on his cock. Well, it wasn't a good muddin' trip if there wasn't mud everywhere. Shower, now woman."


After Mesa left & returned to L.A. I began to cry. Then she got a single red rose. On the petals were "I can't eat. I can't sleep. I miss you. I'm miserable w/o you. The last one said... I love you."


"Mesa, baby. Will you marry me?"

"Yes, I'll marry you."


After the marriage took place & they were laying in front of their fireplace talking. Mesa leaned over and said I have a thing for cowboys. Joel looked at her & said I never would've guessed. "She punched him in the side. Ow! Oh, I did not hurt you. " I do my hubby the same way & so I giggled a lot. :)

Driven to Date, Susan Hatler

Posted by [email protected] on April 14, 2014 at 4:45 AM Comments comments (0)

This was actually my first Susan Hatler book and I read it as part of the Lucky 7 boxed set. I read it in one sitting. I found it hilarious that Jill, who has her whole life planned out through goals, is being thrown off when she doesn't get the promotion she was expecting. So, when she is at a wedding and runs into another boss of a firm she has decided she is going to try and apply at, she tries to impress the owner by having a boyfriend. The boss thinks it is good to have a well rounded work life and personal life. She grabs the hot groomsman and asked him to pretend to be her boyfriend for 10 minutes. He really plays it off well calling her buttercup and getting all cozy with her on the dance floor. When Monday rolls around, it is no other than the "pretend boyfriend" from the wedding, Ryan, who has stolen her position. They are quiet the comical pair. He really tries to win her affection over and over again, but she just isn't sure she can get over the fact that he has her job! One she worked to get for 5 years of her life. Will she come around to him? You will have to read and see. One of my favorite parts is even when she is furious with him, he still calls her buttercup. I loved that. If you like short, sweet contemporary romances this is definitely a book for you to check out. You will really be rooting for Jill and Ryan right up until the very end ;-)


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